You Must Get These Nine Natural Laws Right for Business Growth

Here is a summary of the Key Points of the Nine Natural Laws of Business Growth That CEOs Must Get Right

Law # 1. Large is not small
means that the laws that govern whether you survive or fail change according to the size of your enterprise.

Law #2. Nature innovates from the edge
means that new adaptations, new solutions, and innovations, in nature and in business, are born on the edge of chaos, not in the world of stability and equilibrium.

Law #3. Form is shaped by force
means that in order for organisms to survive in nature and in business, they are compelled to adapt and change their form as dictated by greater forces acting on them.

Law #4. The right measure of growth
Implies the most effective method of understanding and predicting the phenomenon of growth in an organization is through the measurement of its complexity.

Law #5. Clumping
occurs as a result of two or more layers of complex issues colliding and eventually forming barriers of chaos.

Law #6. Living systems have tools
means that complex adaptive systems require specific tools for navigation: Attractors, Gas Pedals/Brakes, and Fitness Landscape Maps.

Law #7. The brilliant is hiding in the ordinary
means that the real intelligence of your enterprise is right under your nose, residing in your own staff.

Law #8. Put the beekeeper in charge
means that enterprise growth requires a brand of leadership that facilitates optimum performance rather than engineers it.

Law #9. Perspective drives experience
means that your viewpoint directly influences your critical decision making ability and the business created from those decisions.

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