Welcome to 2019: An Authoritative Message About the Next Decade


The following is an excerpt from futurist, David Houle’s January 1, 2019 Blog post
in which he said,

“All aspects of life will continue to change in an accelerated way.

The speed of technological change today is the slowest it will be for the rest of our lifetimes.

The last year of the Transformation Decade is now here.

During the 2010-2020 decade many aspects of life changed their nature, shape, character and form.

Businesses that didn’t are either running in place or will in the near future, fail.

A larger lens through which to view all the disruption is that the constructs and
institutions created in the 20th Century are crumbling at a time when the new
21st century reality has not yet become fully clear.”

Houle continues, “We are moving toward the 2020s*, perhaps one of the most transformative,
disruptive and overwhelming decades in history.

The old order is falling away, and the new order
and players are just emerging. Creative destruction will be everywhere.

2019 is the on-ramp for this decade of simply overwhelming change unprecedented in our lifetimes”

Unprecedented Generational Issues

What is most significant to me for business owners and profit-center executive is
what Houle has to say about the potentially disruptive Generational Issues you will face in the decade ahead.

The Millennial generation [ birth years 1981-1997] and what Houle calls the “Digital Natives” [birth years 1998-now]
are now each larger than the Baby Boom generation in absolute numbers.

This means by early 2020 these two generations will be in the majority of citizens in the U.S. This massive generational shift will manifest itself in all areas of life. Together they will create a world of the under 40.

These citizens who have spent most of their adult lives with the country both at war and in a slow economic period are the emerging majority. They will be shaping this century, without a lot of grounding in the old century.

On Another Note

Peter Diamondis,(www.diamandis.com) author of the New York Times best-selling book, Abundance, has this to say about the next 10 years:

“In the next 10 years, those surfing on the tsunami of change (rather than getting crushed by it) will create more wealth than was created in the past century.

Every industry will be transformed… and how we raise our kids, run our companies and lead our nations will change as well.

You can be fearful of change, or you can realize it is happening and harness it.

For those prepared, exponential change will help us digitize, dematerialize, demonetize and democratize access to energy, transportation, education, health, knowledge and communications.

Technology will turn that which was once scare into abundance, over and over again.

So, as you charge into 2019, remember that ‘the best way to predict the future is to create it yourself.’”

Why You Must Pay Attention Now

If you are a CEO of an enterprise with 20 to 95 employees (which represents three of the most disruptive stages of small business growth. James Fischer’s research which I written about for several issues, identified 27 Challenges that are lurking as hidden agents along your growth curve. These challenges come about primarily because of the complexity associated with adding more employees.

Now, factor in the additional complexity brought about by the Generational Issues. Many managers have been complaining about those difficulties for years and may be the root cause of the continuing low levels of employee engagement — mostly because of poorly prepared managers.

I challenge you to continually optimize your capacity to grow and thrive regardless of the disruption ahead.

What You Need to Do Now

it is essential that you “X-ray” your enterprise and fully grasp the impact of the challenges associated with the stages of growth. You may be past-due addressing issues from a prior stage of growth that are potentially serious barriers that can derail your enterprise.

I can help you to easily identify the top challenges for your company’s stage of growth with the online Growth Stage Strategy Questionnaire (a free mini x-ray).

Then, we will schedule a FREE debrief call to help you prioritize a plan to resolve them.

Together we can quickly put a plan in place to to help you to grow and prosper without overwhelm and burn-out.

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