The Value of Addressing the Five Hidden Agents Impacting Enterprise Performance

The Value of Addressing the 5 Hidden Agents Impacting Enterprise Performance

Company Hidden Agent #1: Builder/Protector Ratio
Understanding the B/P Ratio improves your insight into your company’s mental health by: measuring company’s ability to overcome its challenges, communicating the company’s willingness to take advantage of the opportunities in its path, measuring strength of the company’s immune defense system, assessing company’s willingness to advance through change, communicating the company’s trust in its leaders.

Company Hidden Agent #2: 5 Challenges
Looking deeply into your company’s challenges can help you make better informed decisions, set the correct priorities, and then move forward confidently into the future.

Company Hidden Agent #3: The Five Strengths
Being keenly aware of your company’s current strengths you can discover the truth about your company’s behavior and ultimately its performance.

Company Hidden Agent #4: The Five Non-Negotiable Rules
The rules for continuing survival and financial success exist, whether or not the leader is aware of them. Every enterprise leader must adhere to the 5 Non-Negotiable Rules for their company’s previous and its current stages of growth, or pay the price of poor financial performance and/or the possible demise of the organization.

Company Hidden Agent # 5. The Cycles of Maturity
With a deeper understanding of your company’s stage of growth, and its cycle of maturity inside that stage of growth, you will have a powerful tool for leveraging the available resources.
— James Fischer, Navigating the Growth Curve (pages 298 – 300)

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