The Top Two Rules for Reducing Growth Trauma: Managing the Complexity of Business Growth

The Top Two Rules That Apply Regardless of What Stage of Growth You’re In
Referring to the 7 Stages chart above, locate what stage you are in currently based on the number of employees. This is the first step to understanding how to effectively navigate the 7 stages of business growth which can help CEOs and their teams to do three things:

1. Predict how growth will impact them.

2. Get them focused on the right things at the right time.

3. Adapt to necessary changes as the enterprise grows.

James Fischer’s research produced the 7 Stages of Growth model which is built on the premise that additional people adds complexity. Therefore, complexity is about employees, not revenue. To that end, building a people-centered, profit-driven, growth smart enterprise depends on the CEO’s ability to manage people and develop teams of fully engaged top talent.

Two Critical Rules Growth-oriented CEOs Must Keep in Mind

The First Rule:
As soon as you land in any stage of growth, you are getting ready for the next stage of growth. [Refer to the chart above]

For example, if you are a CEO in Stage 2 who has 16 employees today with plans to add four or more over the next 18 months, your success could depend on getting ready for Stage 3. That is what Step Six of The Profit Accelerator Roadmap shown below addresses.

CEOs must recognize the huge change that will happen when their company moves from CEO-centric to Enterprise-centric. The Profit Accelerator Roadmap is the only process that not only illustrates what needs to be done, but when and why that needs to happen.

The Second Rule:
What you don’t get done in any stage of growth doesn’t go away.

For example, a Stage 6 CEO may discover that some of the issues the management team is facing today is because when they were in Stage 4, they didn’t work on specific processes. Now, they are in chaos because, in addition to the current challenges, there are unresolved challenges from prior stages.

Step Six of The Profit Accelerator Roadmap includes the Stages of Growth X-Ray process to help CEOs uncover the root cause of the issues they are facing. Through the Stages of Growth X-Ray process everyone on the team understands the value of looking back to earlier stages of growth and addressing the challenges that are currently holding them back.

Managing the Complexity of Growth is Step Six in the Nine-Step, Profit Accelerator/Business Growth Roadmap process.

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Now, Click Here to access your copy of the Nine-step Accelerator Roadmap, a proven plan for growth-oriented executives who want to accelerate their progress to sustainable profitable growth.

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