The Three Components of Staff Satisfaction

The Staff Satisfaction Imperative

“Many, if not most, organizations either lack an explicit human resource philosophy or ignore the one they espouse. Yet, success often hinges on a thoughtful, explicit strategy for managing people.” — Lee Bolman, Terrance Deal, Reframing Organizations.

“We all have to make money to stay in business, but companies are just beginning to understand the role that staff satisfaction plays in maintaining that profitability.”
— James Fisher, Navigating the Growth Curve.

The Three Components of Staff Satisfaction

Component One: The five tiers of staff satisfaction.
Think of them as a stack of pancakes. When you have all five, you will have a dynamic, highly engaged staff.

5. Meaning (the top of the stack):
People look for meaning in their work.

4. Learning:
People have to keep learning or they stop growing. Without learning, our minds begin to atrophy and performance drops.

3. Performance:
The measuring and rewarding work and progress.

2. Community:
The camaraderie, the relationships people create, the feeling of belonging in the company.

1. Material issues (The bottom of the stack):
Such as compensation, benefits, and safe working environment.

Component Two: The defined cultural preference.
A defined preferred culture makes the corporate identity or corporate behavior easier to support. Here are the four culture identities:

1. Customer Service Culture
The focus is on satisfied customers.

2. Innovation Culture
The focus is on brainpower.

3. Operational Excellence Culture
The emphasis is on the precision of every process.

4. Spirit-Driven Culture
The focus is on taking care of employees, the belief that if everything is OK with the employees, then the company will thrive.

When the staff is confused about the company’s cultural identity, they won’t know how to make clear and confident decisions.

Component Three: The values bridge.
The Values Bridge includes the Untested, Unchallenged and Unconscious.

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