The Remaining Five Components of Profit Design (8-12)

The Profit Design

James Fischer, author of Navigating the Growth Curve and creator of The 7 Stages of Entrepreneurial Growth process said, “A company is never too small to organize their thinking and planning around revenue groups. I consider these 12 factors so critical that I refer to them in a phrase I borrowed from the space program: mission-critical factors. And despite the importance of attending to these points, most companies can only think of two. . .”

The last two issues examined the first seven which can be found at

Now, a Closer Look at the Final 5 of the 12 Components of Profit Design

8. Customer Intelligence
For each revenue group, true customer intelligence comes from the following three principles:

1. Defining a laser targeted profile.

2. Defining and continually updating your customer’s true priorities.

3. Analyzing when and where the ‘moments’ of truth occur in your customer chain of contact points.

9. Strategic Alliances
Surviving in today’s economy demands that you partner with other companies in one of three ways:

1. Symbiotic Allies

2. Piggyback Allies

3. Pass-Through Allies

10. Operating Systems
These are behind-the-scenes structures that effectively get the work out the door and allow the business to manage its affairs in an efficient manner.

11. Research and Development
R&D has a different level of impact on a different type of profit design. Every company must decide, based on their profit design, how they will blend the development of new value offering.

12. Capital Intensity
This refers to how much money it takes in the form of capital investment to create and deliver your product or service offering to your client.

In The Next Issue: A Summary of the Key Points of the 12 Components of Profit Design.

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