The Profit Zone Activities that Must be Maintained and Continuously Improved

What is the Profit Zone and Why is it Important?

The Profit Zone is a relentless, precise and intense staff mindset to make and keep money for the enterprise.

Your Profit Zone is responsible for maintaining and improving the following 9 activities:

1. Revenue generation

2. Strategic and tactical focus of the company

3. Gross and net profit margins

4. Cash flow

5. Cost structure

6. Customer satisfaction

7. Staff voltage

8. Product/service quality

9. Company innovation

The health of the enterprise is determined by the strength or weakness of the Profit Zone. When any of the Profit Zone activities are ineffective, the enterprise makes and keeps less profit.

The Profit Zone is the strike zone, the profit sweet spot so necessary that the company’s very survival and success depend on it. If an enterprise under performs on too may of these activities it is at serious risk of going out of business.

When every employee knows how his or her job responsibilities directly impact the Profit Zone, we are another step closer to optimizing sustainable profitable grow.

The Twelve Components of Profit Design

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