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The Formula For Developing Enterprise Mechanisms

Master Mechanisms

Recent posts that covered the 12 Master Mechanisms that shape and focus individual, group and organizational profit behaviors can by found by clicking the following link: Click Here to Find the Recent Series of Articles.

The Formula for Developing Mechanisms

1. Identify the specific need for a mechanism.

2. Determine a very clear purpose or solution your desired mechanism will fulfill.

3. Inquire from those who will be affected by the mechanism what it is they suggest.

4. Test and challenge all your assumptions about what this mechanism must accomplish.

5. Measure both the possible positive and negative impacts of implementing such a mechanism.

6. Verify that your new mechanism is in alignment with your company’s strategies, goals and values.

7. Enroll a pilot of willing peer leaders to test the new mechanism in the workplace before you implement it with the entire staff.

“Very often the need for growth mechanisms is obvious, but companies don’t take the creative steps to make them a reality. A big part of success with a growth mechanism is getting it accepted at the unconscious level.”

— James Fischer, Navigating the Growth Curve (page 275, 279)

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