The 12 Master Enterprise Mechanisms and How to Develop Them

Master Mechanisms

There are 12 Master Mechanisms that shape and focus individual, group and organizational profit behaviors of an enterprise that have proven to be effective. Each of them can be organized into one or more of the three categories and Qualities I wrote about in the last series of articles found here.

Three Categories and Qualities of Mechanisms

  • Growth Mechanism Qualities
  • People Mechanism Qualities
  • Profit Mechanism Qualities

The 12 Master Enterprise Mechanisms

1. Flash Sheet/Dashboard

2. Management Growth Maps

3. Decision Making Template

4. Town Meeting

5. One-on-One Meeting

6. Bucket Maps

7. Profit Net Program

8. Meeting Template

9. Customer Reconnaissance Model

10. Recognition and Reward Model

11. Hiring and Orientation Model

12. Growth Circles

“All successful change initiatives institute mechanisms that promote new beliefs, attitudes, and behavior. At the end of the day, all enduring transformation, innovation, and performance enhancement is a result of Growth Mechanisms being introduced and utilized in the workplace.” — James Fischer, Navigating the Growth Curve (page 272)

The Next Issue: The Mechanism Development Formula

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