Talent Management

The Five Steps for Discovering and
Developing Fully Engaged Top Talent
By Bob Moore, CMC

Hiring decisions are among the most important decisions hiring executives will ever make particularly in a knowledge-based organization.

However, discovering high potential candidates is increasingly difficult using traditional methods and relying on interviews, education and experience.

Another level of objectively is required to make the best choice among available candidates.

Begin With The Job

If a job could talk it would tell us precisely what is necessary to achieve superior performance. Since jobs can’t talk, we must rely on subject matter experts (SMEs) who understand the reasons the job exists. A skilled facilitator serves as an impartial catalyst to remove the SME’s natural biases and subjective preferences.

The 5-Step Job-Talent Fit Process

The following 5-step, facilitated process will help discover the best candidates with the highest potential to become fully engaged top talent at the time you need to make the hiring decision:

1. Project planning to establish the objectives and the timelines to achieve them.

2. Facilitated position analysis with SMEs and produce Job Report and job relevant interview questions.

3. Produce Talent Reports on the semi-finalists (typically 3 to 5) and Job-Talent Comparison Report.

4. Provide individual Gap Reports on the finalists (2 or 3) to inform the selection of the ideal candidate.

Transforming Your Ideal Candidates Into Fully Engaged Top Talent

5. Now that you have hired the best candidate with highest potential for superior performance, create a personal development plan based on the Coaching Report derived from the individual’s talent report.

Support coaching by the individual’s team leader and peers can significantly accelerate progress toward becoming a fulling engaged superior performer.

Take The Next Step
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