Talent Management: Assuring an Ideal Job-Talent Fit

Step Four of the Nine-step Profit Accelerator Roadmap 
After addressing the three steps in Stage One: Mastering Your Inner Game, focus on Stage Two of the Profit Accelerator Roadmap: Mastering Your Outer Game. This stage can take your enterprise from under-performing employees to a team of fully engaged top talent. Mastering Your Outer Game begins with Step Four of the Nine-steps that can take you from Point A, Frustration and Overwhelm to Point B, Time and Financial Freedom.

Talent Management
I define talent management as a multi-step system of attracting and developing fully engaged top talent. Effective talent management is essential to solve the epidemic levels of employee disengagement which, according to Gallup research, averages over 70% in U.S. companies.

Top Talent: Your Primary Competitive Advantage
Today, customers expect more value from everything they purchase, especially the services of a professional services firm. Imagine the positive impact on your bottom line with a team of fully engaged top talent executing your organization’s strategy every day. In his best-selling book, Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap and Others Don’t, Jim Collins emphasizes the importance of getting the right people in the right seats on the bus– even before you decide where the bus is going.

Hiring decisions are among the most important that leaders of knowledge-based enterprises will make. However, discovering high potential candidates is increasingly difficult using traditional methods. This is frequently because of the over-emphasis on interviews and over-valuing education and experience which research reveals are not reliable indicators of high performance.

Instead, it is essential to clearly define the talent requirements of the job based on the reasons the job exists and establishing the accountabilities required of anyone doing the job. There is a science-based, validated, cost-effective process that can solve this dilemma.

Assuring an Ideal Job-talent Fit: Begin with the Job
If a job could talk, we could hear precisely what is necessary to achieve superior performance. Since jobs can’t talk, we must rely on subject matter experts (SMEs) who understand the reasons the job exists. However, the SMEs’ natural biases and subjective preferences must be removed. Otherwise, their blind spots can cause difficulty establishing specific accountabilities of the job. To solve this dilemma, I recommend a skilled facilitator to serve as an impartial catalyst to help SMEs hear what the job is saying. Also, it is best to engage a certified professional with the competencies to provide guidance through the following steps that can assure an ideal Job-Talent Fit:

1. Establish the objectives and the timelines to achieve them

2. Debrief Job Reasons Questionnaires completed by SMEs

3. Facilitate position analysis session with SMEs to establish accountabilities of the job

4. Facilitate consensus session following #3 above to determine Talent Requirements

5. Review/Debrief Job Report based on #4 above

6. Facilitate selection of relevant interview questions

7. Produce personal Talent Reports on the applicants

8. Debrief Job-talent Gap Reports on the finalist(s)

9. Coach hiring manager to use Gap and Talent Reports for onboarding new hire

Turning Your Good People Into Top Talent
Now that you have discovered the best available candidate at the time you make the hiring decision, create a personal development plan utilizing the results of the Gap Report. The Gap Report can provide a significant accelerator toward turning your good people into fully engaged, high performing top talent.

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