Step Nine of the Roadmap: The End Game.

Step Nine is the “end game” and part of Stage Three, Consistently Winning Your Game illustrated below:

Are You a Business Owner . . .

Who is asking these questions?

1. Is it time to free up my schedule by bringing in a manager to run my company day-to-day?

2. Or am I ready to sell my company?

3. Or maybe it’s time to begin planning to transition my business to a new generation of leaders?

The number one prerequisite in all three of these scenarios is that you have a business that can thrive without you.

And that’s where Value Builder comes in.

Value Builder
Value Builder is a proven step-by-step process designed to remove you, the business owner, personally, from your business, drive up its value, and give you back control over your time — and your life.

In the next issue, you can get a comprehensive, 21-page e-Book, “The Freedom Point” free. You will be introduced to the “Freedom Score” which can identify exactly how much business value you need to build to help achieve your personal financial goals. Your Freedom Score will be particularly valuable if you are planning your exit strategy or as a measurement tool if you are in growth mode.


Are You a Talent Development Professional or Training Director . . .

who wants “Do it yourself” or “Done for you” Resources so you can address the three steps of Stage Two of the Roadmap: Refining Your Outer Game?

4. Assure an Ideal Job-Talent Fit,
5. Build Cohesive, Higher Performing Teams,
6. Optimize Team Leadership Effectiveness

Next week, in addition to a closer look at Step Nine, I will introduce you to the other two steps in Stage Three of the Roadmap . . .

The systems that can accelerate the growth and value of your enterprise:

7. Transform their Marketing Strategies,
8. More Effectively Navigate the Complexities of Business Growth,

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In future issues, you will gain more insight into each of the nine steps illustrated in the Roadmap. You will also be able to select those steps that interest you the most and opt out of those that do not.

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