What Peter Drucker Had to Say about the Shift from Manual Work to Knowledge Work

Major Lessons Learned from A Year with Peter Drucker, Fourth in a Series
What Peter Drucker Had to Say about the Shift from Manual Work to Knowledge Work
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This past year we have explored the book, A Year with Peter Drucker, which is devoted to helping you become an effective leader of your organization.  Members can access the entire series in the archives at Effectiveness.com (free to join).

“Domestically, the shift from manual work to knowledge work is causing dislocations that can be solved only by retraining manual workers and by increasing the productivity of service workers.  Retraining service and manufacturing workers and raising their productivity are social as well as economic tasks.  These tasks will require a high degree of unity in our society politic, which seems fractured at the present time in the United States.  Let us all remember that people in our organizations need a high level of continuity of values to make it through this period of transition.”

Bob’s Comment
Drucker goes on to say that resources must be freed up in order to take advantage of the new opportunities.  This will require abandoning the old and no longer useful programs and units.  He recommends the method proposed by Professor Robert N. Anthony to use “outside experts” to periodically evaluate the entities reason for being.  As Simon Sinek says in his best-selling book, Start with Why, “Knowing WHY is essential for lasting success and the ability to avoid being lumped in with others.  WHY is not about money or profit—those are results.  WHY is the thing that inspires us and inspires those around us.”  This transition must include leaders at all levels that are skillful in creating a vision, assuring alignment, and being champions and facilitators of execution – what we call the Work of Leaders.

The Work of Leaders Process
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Coming in the Next Issue
A summary of what Peter Drucker had to say about the importance of mission.

A Year with Peter Drucker:  52 Weeks of Coaching for Leadership Effectiveness, which Joseph Maciariello distills the essence of Peter Drucker’s personal mentorship program, is available at Amazon.
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