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Effectiveness: Getting the Right Things Done

Roadmap Step Nine

Assuring Maximum Business Value

Assuring Maximum Business Value

The Freedom Point

If you’re like most business owners, your desire for time and financial freedom is hardwired into your psyche.


However, selling your business may seem far off into the future, but if exiting your business now would give you the financial resources to do whatever you want, it may be worth considering sooner than feels natural.

Begin by answering these three questions:

1. Is it time to free up your schedule by bringing in a manager to run your company day-to-day

2. Or maybe you’re planning to transition to a new generation of leaders?

3. Or are you ready to sell?

The one prerequisite in all three of these scenarios is that you have to have a business that can thrive without you.And that’s where Value Builder comes in.

The Value Builder System

Whether you want to sell your business for a premium – or just know that you could –The Value Builder System will ensure you have all of the options for the business and life you deserve.

The Value Builder System includes the following trio of assessments we call The Exit Trifecta:

1. Prescore: Assesses your personal readiness to exit

2. Value Builder Score: Assesses the value of your business (to prospective buyers) based on the 8 Drivers of Business Value.

3. Freedom Score: Assesses the financial gap that needs to be closed to achieve the financial freedom required to fund the next phase of your life

Click on the following link to learn more about the assessments in The Exit Trifecta

Click Here to View the Six-minute video About the Exit Trifecta

Begin with the Freedom Score and go from there.

Price: $997.00 includes all three assessments with 60-minute debrief plus an Action Planning Session.

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