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Roadmap Step Four

Reclaiming Your Personal Life

The Total Talent Management System


The Total Talent Management System is a dynamic, progressive talent ecosystem with ten components. When fully implemented, your enterprise can be an Employer of Choice and accelerate progress to becoming a People-Centered, Growth-Smart, Profit-Driven, Knowledge-Based Enterprise.

Complete The TTMS Online Questionnaire (No Charge)

The TTMS Questionnaire and your debrief call with me will help you to prioritize and efficiently implement the Total Talent Management System. Click on the link below to be redirected to the ten-item questionnaire which will help you prioritize the implementation of the Total Talent Management System.

After responding to the Check List, you will be redirected to my online calendar to select a day/time for our debrief call.

Click Here to Access the Questionnaire

Typical Next Steps

The debrief of the checklist frequently indicates starting implementation with the following steps:

This 5-step facilitated process will assure the implementation of a system to identify the candidates with the highest potential to become fully engaged top talent.

1. Project planning to establish the objectives and the timelines to achieve them.

2. Facilitate a position analysis of a key position and produce a Job Report and job-relevant interview questions.

3. Produce Talent Reports and Job-Talent Comparison Report on semi-finalists.

4. Produce individual Gap Reports on the finalists to guide the selection of the ideal candidate.

5. Produce the Coaching Report and create a personal development plan from the individual’s talent report.

If you have not done so already,

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