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Roadmap Step Eight

Navigating the Complexities of Growth

Navigating Complexities of Growth

Research determined that complexity increased as companies grew. Complexity is caused by the addition of people through 7 Stages of Growth from 1 – 500 employees.

The 7 Stages of Growth

The 7 Stages of Growth model was developed by James Fischer, Founder of Origin Institute, a Boulder Colorado research and consulting company. The Stages of Growth are based on a 6-year study of entrepreneurial companies in the Front Range and Silicon Valley and interviews with over 650 CEOs to understand and decipher the patterns, behavior, and characteristics of growth in entrepreneurial enterprises.

What Stage of Growth are you in?

Stage 1 – Start-Up: 1 – 10 employees

Stage 2 – Ramp Up: 11 – 19 employees

Stage 3 – Delegate: 20 – 34 employees

Stage 4 – Professional: 35 – 57 employees

Stage 5 – Integration: 58 – 95 employees

Stage 6 – Strategic: 96 – 160 employees

Stage 7 – Visionary: 161 – 500 employees

By recognizing and understanding these powerful stages of growth Business Owners and CEOs are better able to:

  • Initiate, manage and complete their change initiatives

  • Improve the outcome of their decisions

  • Calibrate the impact they, as a leader, have on their company’s performance

  • Manage and advance the forces driving their company’s profitability

  • Resonate and respond to the hidden agents influencing their work community

  • This Unique, One-of-a-kind Model Helps a CEO/Business Owner in Three Ways:

    1. Predict how growth will impact their company

    2. Focus on the right things at the right time

    3. Adapt their leadership skills to the needs of the company as it grows

    Creating a sustainable, thriving enterprise takes time, patience, and planning. And it takes practicing the art of intentionality and knowing how to navigate through the various stages of enterprise growth.

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