How to Resolve The Challenge of Hiring Quality Staff

Do You Know How to Resolve The Challenge of Hiring Quality Staff?

In his book, Navigating the Growth Curve, James Fischer introduces the Hidden Agents. One of the most serious is The 27 Challenges.

Fischer’s Stages of Growth research captured the 27 challenges that companies face as they navigate each of the 7 stages of growth.

Successful companies make sure they focus on the right things at the right time.

Taking stock of the challenges every six months for their specific stage of growth provided to be a key factor in companies staying alert to the changing environment around them.

Hiring Quality Staff is a Top Five Challenge for Stage Two and Beyond

All organizations want to hire quality people. The challenge is figuring out what makes a quality person for a particular position. What constitutes a quality hire?

The secret to making the right hire has everything to do with with having clearly defined expectations for each position. The applying the tools and processes that help hiring managers effectively screen, select candidates and develop them into top talent.

Five Requirements to Hire Quality Staff that Can be Developed Into Top Talent

1. A clear mission and purpose

2. A clear vision

3. A set of core values

4. Defined position requirement (not just a job description)

5. A process to measure candidates’ talent and compare it to the job (the Job-Talent Fit).

Why This Challenge Must Be Resolved

People are a company’s greatest asset. Without top talent there is no business. This essential aspect of growing your business must be given the time to create an intentional approach to the the right people in the right positions at the right time.

A critical part of the CEO’s profit plan should include the hiring needs at least 12-18 months into the future. This means the strategic growth plan that will be able to identify the talent requirements and experience it needs to get where it wants to go.

The cost of hiring the wrong individual can be at least three times the individual’s annual compensation. Taking the time to hire and develop top talent is a significant investment in the future success of the enterprise.

Take The Next Step: Quickly Determine if this is One of Your Most Critical Challenges

Hiring Quality People is a top five challenge for stage one companies. However, unless you solve this challenge then, it does not go away.

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