Releasing Resistance, Seeing With Clarity, and Gaining Acceptance

Releasing Resistance

“The greatest obstacles are the leader’s own fixed viewpoints, their strong opinions, and their proclivity to not easily release control to others. Only 15% of all small business CEOs make time to reflect on their businesses in a meaningful way which tends to make them resistant to new ideas. This is particularly true when presented with a radical approach to sustaining and growing a healthy enterprise. It all starts with one major step–Acceptance.”


The primary benefit of acceptance is that it allows you to see with a greater degree of clarity the hidden forces influencing your ability to lead, your company’s ability to master change. Some people are able to internally suspend their fixed viewpoints and naturally move into acceptance, while others require a more methodical approach.”

— James Fischer, Navigating the Growth Curve.

The Three Elements of the Methodical Approach to Acceptance

1. Taking a true inventory of the 10 hidden agents that impact your leadership effectiveness and your company’s performance.

2. Being totally accountable for both your advancing and damaging contributions to the issue.

3. Agree to suspend all fixed viewpoints for a short and predetermined period of time.

The 5 Hidden Agents Impacting Leadership Effectiveness

1. Leadership Style
The mechanism that quantifies how a leader links to the “feel of the company.”

2. Modality
Measures the degree of “direct and indirect influence” a leader applies to manifest the company’s goals.

3. The 3 Faces of the Leader
Measures the blend (by percentage) of the three primary leadership roles (visionary, manager, specialist) that an enterprise leader adopts as he directs the affairs of the company.

4. Leadership Competencies
Measures the capacity that best serves a company based on its state of growth.

5. Learning Style
Defines the speed, the depth, the risk tolerance and the flexibility of how a leader thinks. Since how a leader thinks and how he sees the organization fundamentally influences what he does with the organization, learning style is a significant influence on the thinking of a leader and thus a huge influence on a leader’s choices.

— James Fischer, Navigating the Growth Curve (page 296 – 298)

The Next Issue: A deeper dive into the Descriptions of the Five Hidden Agents Impacting Leadership Effectiveness and Why They are Valuable

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