Roadmap Stage 2

A Closer Look at Mastering Your Outer Game


The Three Steps of Mastering Your Outer Game

Following the Three Foundation Steps of Mastering Your Inner Game, the Roadmap takes you to . . .

Step Four: Talent Management, Assuring an Ideal Job Talent Fit and Turning Your Good People into Top Talent

Step Five: Team Effectiveness, Building a High Performing Cohesive Team

Step Six: Managing the Complexities of Growth, Giving You Headlights Into the Future of Your Company.

The Stages of Growth Organizational X-Ray

Step Six includes the 7 Stages of Growth Organizational X-Ray.

The 7 Stages of Growth is the ONLY model that identifies 7 distinct stages of enterprise growth based on the number of people.

Research based on over 700 enterprises concluded that the complexity of an organization increases due to only one thing – People. Why? Because there is nothing more difficult than managing people!

This means the 7 Stages of Growth model can help a CEO predict how to prepare for growth through Start-up with 1 to 10 employees on the journey to 500 employees and beyond.

In fact, the Stages of Growth is the only predictive model that can bring that kind of clarity to a growing organization.

In my work with CEOs who look back to previous stages of their growth, they discovered some of the issues that are creating obstacles to sustainable, profitable growth.

An Example of Some Discoveries in a Stage 3 Company:

Stage 3 is called Delegation and has 20 to 34 employees.

The company has moved beyond the CEO’s span of control.

It’s the first time the company becomes Enterprise-centric.

People is the top gate of focus and Staff Buy-in is the top challenge.

This means CEOs of Stage 3 companies must spend 60% of their time managing people.

At this stage, if the Builder/Protector Ratio or the Confidence/Caution ratio is out of balance (1:1), the company will either stagnate by being overly protective or racing toward a cliff’s edge, with no one applying the brake.

It is essential that the leadership team undertake the Stages of Growth X-Ray.

Five Questions a Growth Stage X-Ray Will Help Answer

1. How clearly have you identified the Top Five Challenges of your unique stage of growth?

2. How closely do you think your employees and their managers agree with those challenges?

3. How balanced is the Builder/Protector ratio also known as the Confidence/Caution Ratio?

4. How aware are you and your management team of the “hidden agents”—those issues that appear to be the problem on the surface usually aren’t the root cause of what’s really creating that problem?

5. How well do you think managers and employees are in alignment with the goals and strategies of the company? How do you know?


Mastering Your Outer Game can transform your enterprise from Unproductive, Disengaged Employees to Teams of Fully Engaged, Highly Productive Teams of Top Talent.

The three steps include implementation of . . .

The Total Talent Management System,
the Team Effectiveness Process based on Patrick Lencioni’s best-selling book, The Five Disfunctions of a Team, and The 7 Stages of Growth Organizational X-Ray.

The Stages of Growth X-Ray is a unique program that never fails to create a rich dialogue that guarantees:

• Alignment

• Engagement

• Execution of your strategic plan

Alignment must come before Engagement.

When you get Engagement, I can guarantee you will get execution and Implementation.

Then, you will be on the path to building a People-Centered, Growth-Smart, Profit-Driven Enterprise that will assure sustainable profitable growth.  


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