The Leadership Rules You Must Address On Your Way to Stage Five

The Leadership Rules of the Road You Must Address
On Your Way to Stage Five (58 – 95 Employees and Beyond)

Stage 5 is About Integration: Planning with purpose key to success

Many are discovering that strategic planning is not all it’s cracked up to be.

In fact, pick up a copy of the January 2006 Harvard Business Review and you’ll find that
strategic planning sometimes only serves as a mechanism to ratify decisions that were made months before.

Getting bogged down by your company’s strategic planning process can paralyze a workforce.

The complexity of your world will increase with the addition of more employees and so will your decisions.

I know planning can be a critical element of the success of any enterprise. However, planning for planning sake will not make a significant difference. You have to be able to identify the key decisions that must be made and when to make them.

Be sure your goal is to plan with a purpose.

Take a proactive stance and think in terms of shifting the planning process forward by utilizing
the following Stage 5 rules of the road as a foundation:

The Five Leadership Rules of the Road for Stage 5 with 58 to 95 employees and beyond:

Rule #1: Overhaul the business model.

  • Challenge all assumptions regarding vision, mission, goals, objectives and strategies of the company
  • Challenge all assumptions about the customer, the competition, the market and your company’s offerings
  • Reorganize/rewire the company’s resources to meet the new business design conclusions

Rule #2: Integrate the management team into an inter-dependent, executive-focused leadership unit.

  • Research and design a comprehensive leadership team decision-making process
  • Facilitate the leadership teams comprehensive understanding of the company’s detailed flash sheet or dashboard
  • Unify the team by co-authoring a team mission and five clear leadership team goals to achieve the mission.

Rule #3: Establish a one-year operational business plan.

  • Have your leadership team author the company’s strategies and initiatives
  • Have each leader provide operational input from their area of responsibility
  • Organize and integrate a tactical plan with the implementation of the company’s budget

Rule #4: Establish a fully integrated living budget by revenue group and by department.

  • Develop a comprehensive budget template by revenue group and department
  • Drive the budget process by the one-year business plan process
  • Review budget assumptions and actual results at every monthly leadership team meeting

Rule #5: Allocate three percent of staff compensation for staff training.

  • Organize annual purpose and objectives of employee training to fit the needs of the company’s business plan
  • Communicate staff training opportunities to the entire employee community
  • Establish staff training as part of the employee performance scorecard

Always Remember This!

A basic principle of effectively managing growth; what you don’t take care of in
one stage of growth doesn’t go away–it follows you to the next stage when
there is more complexity and a new set of challenges.

Be Certain You Are Not Behind on Addressing the Rules of the Road From a Prior Stage.

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