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Effectiveness: Accelerating Progress to Profitability

Are you thinking like an owner or a manager?

When it comes to increasing the value of your company you can think like an owner or a manager. A manager looks at the profits while an owner focuses on the company's overall value. 

Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

Owners focus on improving the value of their company through the lens of a prospective buyer. The value of a company increases the multiplier which does more for the perceived value than only building up the bottom line. By looking at the eight drivers of value owners can get a better offer for the company when they are ready to sell.

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Eight Factors that Drive Company Value

Executives and Managers

Executives and managers within a business typically focus on expenses and revenues to increase profitability. The Nine-Step Value Accelerator Roadmap illustrates the importance of Mastering Your Inner Game and developing teams of fully engaged top talent that can accelerate progress to sustainable profitable growth.

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Value Accelerator Roadmap

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