Have You Lost Control of Your Time—and Your Life?

Peter Drucker, author of The Effective Executive and the greatest management thinker ever, taught that Time is our scarcest resource. Unless you can manage your time, you can manage nothing else. Highly effective executives continuously work on their self-management skills so they can minimize the risk of losing control of their time and their life.

A McKinsey survey found only 9% of executives surveyed said they were very satisfied with how they spend their time. Less than half were “somewhat satisfied” and about a third were “actively dissatisfied.” This suggests that most executives have lost control of their life which can result in staggering frustration and overwhelm.

How many of the following three frustrations I hear from executives of growing enterprises do you have?

  1. I am spending less time with my family,
  2. I spend too much time at work and use energy on tasks that don’t fully utilize my talents,
  3. I rarely get time away for fun or vacation.

When was the last time you identified your time use habit patterns so you can replace bad ones with habits that will increase productivity and satisfaction?

The Profit Accelerator Roadmap

My team and I have developed the Profit Accelerator Roadmap for Executives of Professional Services Firms who want to implement a proven plan to go from Overwhelm to Time and Financial Freedom in six months or less. The journey begins by Mastering Your Inner Game and addresses the first three steps of the Roadmap that can transform you to becoming more impactful and getting more done in less time.

Imagine what your life could be like by identifying and replacing just one time-use habit pattern. What if you could eliminate some of the interruptions in your busy day that distract you from your highest priority.

Now, Take the Next Step to reclaim some of your time—and your life so you can begin to check off whatever is on your bucket list.

Click here now to get access to your copy of the Profit Accelerator Roadmap and a 5-minute overview presentation.

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