The Second in the Stages of Growth Series: The Top Five Challenges and Non-Negotiable Rules for CEOs of a Stage 2 Company with 11-19 Employees

stage2The Stage of Growth Series is based on the principle that complexity is about employees, not revenue. People-related challenges become the number one focus at different stages of growth.
Effectively navigating your growth curve involves balancing between equilibrium and chaos through each of the stages. The Primary Goal of the CEO of a stage 2 company is to start consciously managing the growth of the enterprise.

At Stage Two the business now growing; the CEO must begin building organizational infrastructure and preparing for stage 3 which begins with the following initiatives:
• Developing clearly define values
• Defining tasks and processes.
• Defining roles and responsibilities for each team member
• Helping team members become specialists in their business functions
• Beginning to think about what specific responsibilities can be delegated and who to delegate to in Stage 3

The Top Five Challenges in Stage Two:
1. Continued Cash Flow Challenges
2. Limited Capital to Grow
3. Hiring Quality Staff
4. Leadership-Staff Communication gap
5. Expanding Sales

The Five Non-Negotiable Leadership Rules for the CEO of a Stage 2 Company:
1. Sell every day, absolutely.
2. Develop, without fail, three employee leaders to be responsible, accountable, and proactive.
3. Create a daily, weekly, and monthly “key indicator” instrument panel/dash board/flash sheet.
4. Communicate any and all directions in writing.
5. Drive small action teams to hit goals.

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The Five Challenges and Non-Negotiable Leadership Rules of the Road for CEOs of Stage 3 companies with 20 to 34 employees

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