Growth Trauma: Causes and Cures

Organizational Growth Trauma

“The pathology of organizational growth is rarely a pretty thing to observe or much less to be enmeshed in.” James Fischer, Navigating The Growth Curve — page 253

Causes of Growth Trauma

External Causes

  • Market Forces
  • Vendor Forces
  • Customer Migration
  • Shifts in Strategic Partners

Internal Causes

  • Business as a Machine Model
  • Imbalance of Builders and Protectors
  • I’m Right, You’re Wrong Syndrome
  • Not Doing the Right Thing
  • I Can Do It Better Myself Syndrome

Symptoms of Growth Trauma

  • Low Staff Voltage or Morale
  • Staff Turnover
  • Prevalent Gossip
  • Drop in Sales and Profits
  • Increasing Customer Service Problems
  • Loss of Confidence and Trust

Healing Growth Trauma

1. Growth Circle
2. Positive Confrontation Model
3. Fostering a Community of Inquiry
4. Focused Activity

“The most damaging behavior in companies is the pattern of clinging to the old machine model that views workers as cogs in a wheel, replaceable parts of a machine.”
— James Fischer

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