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Growth Mechanisms: Focusing and Changing Behavior

Growth Mechanisms vs. Systems

“Leaders almost by definition, are people who change [others’] minds . . . a mind change most often results from a slow, almost unidentifiable shift of viewpoint rather than by virtue of any single argument or sudden epiphany.” — Howard Gardner, Changing Minds

“Once you have a language to talk about the mechanisms of growth, then you will have a powerful tool to shape and focus your company. Mechanisms are different from systems in that mechanisms are used to shape and focus individual, group and organizational behavior. Systems are used to address the complexity of activity and processes.”
— James Fischer, Navigating The Growth Curve — page 270

Three Categories and Qualities of Mechanisms

Growth Mechanism Qualities

  • Build
  • Protect
  • Connect

People Mechanism Qualities

  • Clarify
  • Unify
  • Align

Profit Mechanism Qualities

  • Track
  • Forecast
  • Innovate

“All successful change initiatives institute mechanisms that promote new beliefs, attitudes, and behavior. At the end of the day, all enduring transformation, innovation, and performance enhancement is a result of Growth Mechanisms being introduced and utilized in the workplace.” — James Fischer

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