The Three Elements of Growth Language

The Three Elements of Growth Language

Every group develops words, phrases, and metaphors unique to its circumstances.
“A specialized language both reflects and shapes a group’s culture. Shared language allows team members to communicate easily, with minimal misunderstanding.”
Lee Bolman, Terrence Deal, Reframing Organizations.

Growth Language is Comprised of Three Elements:

1. The Three Gates of Growth

Process Gate — All issues and concerns that center on and affect the processes and procedures of an enterprise.

People Gate — All issues and concerns that center on and affect the people of a company.

Revenue/Profit Gate — All issues and concerns that center on and affect the revenue generation and profit generation of an enterprise.

2. The 7 Stages of Growth

There are seven stages of growth a company moves through in the entrepreneurial world. Generally, this covers companies with one to 350 employees and from zero to about 100 million dollars in revenue. In some cases, a Stage 7 company might have up to 500 employees and up to 150 million dollars in revenue.

Each stage of growth has its own demanding set of rules, its own particular needs, and its own peculiar challenges. As a CEO, your task is to predict and manage the changes, learn the rules as you go along, and alert your staff to the balance each stage requires.

3. The Patterns of Growth

All organizational behavior is created by patterns which are generated by the mental and organizational filters through which the staff perceives its experiences. Knowing the patterns, particularly in combination with other patterns is the key to the process of making decisions. Here are the three pattern clusters:

Untested Patterns, Unchallenged Patterns, and Unconscious Patterns

Advancing Patterns,  Neutral Patterns, and Destructive Patterns

Mosaic Patterns, Linear Patterns, and Dispersion Patterns

The Importance of Language

“Most people don’t understand what is causing the trauma and problems in their company because they don’t know how to recognize and read the patterns correctly.

Language doesn’t describe their experience; rather it defines their experience. Change the language then you change the experience.” James Fischer, Navigating the Growth Curve.

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