How To Get All Employees Aligned to Achieve Your Vision

 Do You Know How To Get All Employees Aligned to Achieve Your Vision?


Alignment doesn’t just happen – no matter if the company has 10 employees or 500 employees. Individual agenda’s get created. Issues aren’t clarified. Results are disappointing. Alignment is linked to engagement. It takes engagement to execute the strategy to achieve your vision. It takes alignment ot get engagement.

Are you a CEO who is struggling with his/her management team and doesn’t feel everyone is on the same page?

Do you wish your team was aligned and ready to perform? Follow these three steps . . .

1. Identify Your Stage of Growth 

Determine which of the 7 stages your company is in along its Growth Curve. Knowing your stage of growth will identify the following:

– Your Confidence/Caution Ratio;

– Your Ideal Leadership Style

– Your Top Gate Focus.

– Your Top Five Challenges

2. Put a Name to the Pain

Putting a name to any issue increases your chances of solving that issue.

There are 27 Challenges that will impact your company as you grow. The approach that the concepts underlying the 7 Stages of Growth uses helps a business owner focus on the right things at the right time. There are specific challenges that need to be priorities in each stage of growth.

Remember This Important Rule

What you don’t get done in any stage of growth doesn’t go away.

Taking the time to identify your top challenges and getting alignment behind those top challenges with your management team is a critical step in staying ahead of your company’s growth curve.

3. Drive Consensus and Get Buy-in

Stop wasting time trying to get buy-in to your issues.

Instead, create alignment behind the top five challenges you face at your current stage of growth. Give your management team the ability to voice their own priorities and then see how the team results shake out. Then, everyone will be able to focus on your top priorities in order of importance.

The result: 
A laser-like focus on critical issues everyone buys into.

Take The Next Step

Begin by Completing the online Growth Stage Strategy Questionnaire.

Click the link below to the Complete the Strategy Questionnaire.

NOW, CLICK HERE to Get Immediate Access to The Growth Stage Strategy Questionnaire.

Then, we will schedule a FREE debrief call.

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