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Freedom Point Just Ahead

The Freedom Point

A Financial Planning Guide for Business Owners Who Are Ready to Exit Their Business

  • Helping entrepreneurs reach the freedom point means creating an exit strategy so they can win the Ultimate Game — selling their business for a premium offer when they decide to sell so they can fund the next stage of their life.

  • Is it time to Create an Exit Strategy?

  • As a business owner, you typically face two difficult choices: when to sell your business and at what price. Selling your business may seem far off into the future, but if exiting your business now would give you the financial resources to do whatever you want, it may be worth considering creating a strategy sooner than feels natural. 

  • What do you need to do to reach the Freedom Point?

  • This eBook offers a simple methodology you can apply to reach financial independence – what we call The Freedom Point. 

    In this eBook you will find the answers to these questions:

  • What does it mean to be "Risk on" and how do you know if you've reached that point?

  • How can you calculate your personal Freedom Point?

  • What are your options once you've reached your Freedom Point?

  • How has the pandemic impacted your Freedom Point?

  • Once you crest The Freedom Point, it’s worth asking yourself why you’re continuing to shoulder all of the risk. You have options for diversifying your wealth, and you may be even closer to a carefree life than you think.

    The Value Builder System™ is a simple software for building the value of a company used by thousands of businesses worldwide. Offered by a global network of independent advisors known as Certified Value Builders, The Value Builder System™ incorporates several diagnostic tools, including The Value Builder Score. Those businesses that achieve a Value Builder Score of 90 or greater are worth double the average-performing business.

    The Freedom Point

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