Five Hidden Agents Impacting Leadership Effectiveness and the Effect on Each Stage of Growth

The 5 Hidden Agents Impacting Leadership Effectiveness and Their Influence on the Unique Challenges at Each Stage of Growth

1. Leadership Style
In the last 10 years, significant business research has proven skeptics wrong about the impact of human climate on business performance. It has been determined that the link between an enhanced human climate and a company’s ultimate business performance represents a 20-30 percent advantage for both revenue and profit per employee.

Becoming aware of your leadership style is essential to intentionally influencing your link to your company’s human environment. Adjusting your leadership style to best fit the needs of the company in its current stage of growth can improve financial performance by up to 20-30 percent or more.

2. Modality
Utilizing the appropriate “mode of involvement” (dominant, facilitative, or supportive), thus creating alignment with the requirements of the company’s stage of growth can accelerate progress to sustainable profitable growth.

3. The 3 Faces of the Leader
Research has discovered that there is an ideal blend of the 3 leadership roles (Visionary, Manager, Specialist) for each stage of growth.

It is the leader’s ability to reshape their blend of the roles that distinguishes the degree of leadership effectiveness and give your company an added advantage in achieving its goals.

4. Leadership Competencies
A set of 18 core leadership competencies have been identified that can be used as a key benchmark to determine leadership capacity. However, the leadership competencies that best serve the company are determined by the company’s stage of growth.

Developing the leadership competencies that include the elements of Emotional Intelligence (Self-Management and Relationship Management) combined with those based on the company’s stage of growth are particularly significant in growing small to medium-size enterprises.

5. Learning Style
Leaning Style is related to thinking style and has a significant influence on how we make judgments. Leveraging your current learning style enhances your ability to make better decisions. Understanding and adapting to other learning styles can accelerate our ability to recognize the truth of any situation and narrow the optimum choices we pursue.

— James Fischer, Navigating the Growth Curve (page 296 – 298)

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