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Five Digital Marketing Strategies To Accelerate The Growth Of Your Enterprise

digital marketing

Marketing research indicates that over 80% of B2B decision makers check out the seller’s web site prior to making a buying decision—it is over 60% for B2C. Your ideal potential customers and most serious competitors are constantly online. Because of all the noise and distraction plaguing the marketing arena, digital marketing is essential in today’s world. Unless you have an effective digital marketing strategy you are falling behind.

A recent survey found that Marketing Automation is the number one marketing trend for 2016 (20% of respondents). Automation includes Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Behavioral Email Marketing, and Web Personalization (aka: Segmentation). For many business owners and executives, venturing into the online world can be intimidating and result in procrastination. Here are five digital marketing strategies that any business owner can implement to accelerate business growth.

1. Targeted Goal

Who is your target market? What problems do they want to solve? How does your product or service provide the solutions? Based on the answers to these questions decide how and where to find your ideal prospects. Then, you can establish a lead generation strategy that could include optimization of your website to attract visitors searching for what you offer.

However, it is now possible to find highly targeted prospects by placing ads on social media sites that are displayed only to those who meet the criteria you have established. The best part is you only pay for those who actually respond to the ad and come to your website. But wait, we must first get the other elements of the strategy in place or else your ideal clients may come and instantly leave—this will be a big disappointment to have paid to get visitors you will never connect with.

2. Attract Them with a Web-based Process

The most successful digital marketing system makes extensive use of highly engaging video, and has an effective marketing funnel. A marketing funnel is the journey your ideal (Target) customer travels from the time they land on your website (aka: Landing Page) and becomes a lead, and nurtures them into converting to a customer that you can serve with your product or service. This need not be complicated although a qualified digital marketer can save you a lot of time and money by helping to eliminate a trial-and-error approach. The is where automation comes into the picture. Set it up once and it can run forever with only minor tweaking and maintenance.

3. Calls to Action (CTA)

In the digital marketing age it is no longer sufficient to have a website that is simply an electronic brochure (that was Web 1.0). Digital marketing (Web 3.0 +) is far more interactive such as providing “ethical bribes” in exchange for email addresses which allows further automated communication. A lead magnet is typically the initial interaction by offering something of value (free) which requires an email address (an opt-in) to receive the offer. This addresses the fact that most visitors to your website will never return—they may not even know how they got there.

4. Nurture

Now that you have an email address you can communicate through automated follow up messages (aka: Auto-responders) that deliver a series of relevant messages. The objective of this type of communication is to establish authority, trust and credibility, and provide value that will encourage the prospective customer to want what to do business with you. You can also use behavioral list segmentation which asks the new visitor a series of questions that qualifies them and determines the problems for which they are seeking solutions. Then, your auto-responder series provides information that is uniquely relevant to their interests.

5. Sell, Service and Delight

Your ultimate objective is to create a customer whom you can delight— think Customer Value Optimization (CVO). CVO is a strategy that considers the total lifetime value of a customer, and the total value your business can provide them and those whom they may refer. Depending on the product or service you offer, you may provide a variety of web-based offers, up sells, and specials to those who have joined your list (think community of clients). You may even consider implementing a membership plan that could begin at no charge. From there you can offer additional services or products over time for a recurring charge. I know of membership sites that began by offering a free level one, that later provided a range of additional levels of membership ($27, $47, $97 and even $497 or more per month) depending upon the type of enterprise.

Action Steps
Determine how many of the five elements (T-A-N-C-S) you have in place. Then decide where to begin.

No website?
First purchase a domain with a name that fits your business and target market. Then, arrange to have your domain hosted (plans begin at less than $10.00 per month).

Have a website?
Begin by taking a look at your landing page. Click the link below get the Free Digital Marketer 16-Point Landing Page Checklist.

16 point landing page checklist

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