Fifth in the Series of Timeless Lessons From The Effective Executive In Action

Practice (Skill) Number Three:
Making Strength Productive (Part 1)

Originally broadcast December 8, 2016

In this series I will review the five practices or skills From The Effective Executive In Action

To make strength productive is the unique purpose of the organization.

The effective executive makes strength productive. He knows that one cannot build on weakness. To achieve results, one has to use all the available strengths–strengths of associates, the strengths of the superiors, and one’s own strengths. These strengths are true opportunities.

The task of an executive is not to change human beings. Rather, as the Bible tells us in the Parable of the Talents, the task is to multiply performance capacity of the whole by putting to use whatever strength, whatever health, whatever aspiration there is in individuals. (The Effectiveness Executive, pp. 71-99).

Weaknesses in People

Strong people always have strong weaknesses too. Where there are peaks, there are valleys. Measured against the universe of human knowledge, experience and abilities, even the greatest genius would have to be rated a total failure. Performance can only be built on strengths. What matters most is the ability to do the assignment. (The Effectiveness Executive, pp. 71-78).

Action Step Ask the question, “How can I raise the performance of the people in my organization by placing them in positions that match their strengths, their energy levels, and their aspirations?”

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Managing Oneself

How To Make 2017 Your Best Year Ever.

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