The Eight Hidden Agents CEOs Must Address Part 1

Originally published January 11, 2018

 Do You Know The 8 Hidden Agents for Your Stage of Growth?

James Fischer, the author of Navigating the Growth Curve, discovered 8 Hidden Agents that CEOs must discover and address in each of the 7 stages of growth on the journey from 1 to 500 employees. Unless the CEO and his team discover each of these Hidden Agents and address them at the right time, the enterprise can derail or stagnate.

In this series you will learn:
The hidden agents for each of the 7 Stages of Growth which are literally invisible to a CEO that must be addressed at each stage.

Here are the Eight Hidden Agents for a Stage One, Start-up with 1- 10 employees:

1. Builder/Protector Ratio of a Stage One Company

4:1–Confidence Vs. Caution

2. The Priority of Leadership Modalities for a Stage One Company:

 CEO—is Dominant, Managers— are Supportive, Staff— are Facilitative.

3. The Five Challenges CEOs of a Stage One Company Must Be Focused On:

 1. Cash Flow,

2. Destabilized by Chaos,

3. Slow Product Development and Getting to Market,

4. Limited Capital to Grow,

5. Improving Sales

4. The Five Strengths CEOs of a Stage One Company Must Be Focused On:

1. Profits are more than adequate to grow the company

2. Strong business design/profit design

3. Customers are referring your products/services to their friends

4. Healthy cash flow

5. Sufficient capital available to grow

5. The Relative Blend of the Three Faces of a Leader of a Stage One Company:

Visionary, 40%

Manager, 10%

Specialist, 50%

6. The Five Non-Negotiable Rules of the Road CEOs of a Stage One Company Must Address:

  1. Generate, track and preserve cash
  2. Focus 80% of your resources on selling the 2 – 3 offerings with the best margins
  3. Hire, first, for how the person fits in with the team and second, for how competent they are
  4. Waste no time trying to stabilize company – embrace chaos – command the team and inspire the employees
  5. Establish a company-wide performance mindset, feedback loop and employee development through regular one-on-one meetings

7. The Three Leadership Styles CEOs of a Stage One Company Must Display:

Visionary, Coaching, and Commanding.

8. The Most Successful CEOs of a Stage One Company Must Exhibit These Leadership Competencies:

Emotional Self Awareness, Self-Confidence, Developing Others,
Inspirational Leadership, and Empathy


 The Three Key Objectives of the CEO of a Stage One Company:

1. Don’t worry about getting a Bulls-Eye, just hit the target!

2. Perfection is not the issue.

3. Generating enough revenue to make it through the first year or two is the goal.

The Essential Skills Required for the CEO to Be Successful in Stage One:

1. The ability to identify one or more market opportunities.

2. The ability to construct a skeletal business plan.

3. The ability to raise sufficient capital.

4. The ability to provide a product or service.

5. The ability to see what needs to be done and then do it.

6. The ability to wear all the hats.

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