Challenges of Navigating Stage Six Companies


The underlying principle of The Stages of Growth Series is based on effectively navigating your growth curve by balancing between equilibrium and chaos brought about by complexity caused by the number of employees, not revenue.

Addressing the shifting people-related challenges is the number one focus at each of the 7 stages of growth for companies with less than 500 employees.

As CEOs navigate through Stage 6 the focus is Strategic and the primary goal is to undergo the transformation from an operational senior executive into a strategic senior executive.

By stage 6 with upward to 161 employees, the CEO must have the following in place:

  1. A very clear vision for the organization.
  2. A strong set of core values.
  3. A clearly defined dominant company culture.
  4. A powerful strategic plan that extends out over two to five years.

The CEO of a stage 6 company must develop . . .


  • The awareness to set into motion the bigger picture.
  • The ability to personally develop strategic orientation.
  • The willingness to develop and effectively communicate the vision of the company.
  • The ability to see the large picture in the market place.
  •  The ability and willingness to help others find their place in the organization.

The Top Five Challenges in Stage Six:

  1. Staff Buy-in
  2. Staff Satisfaction
  3. Orienting New Staff
  4. Weak Profit Design
  5. Hiring Quality Staff

The Five Non-Negotiable Leadership Rules for the CEO of a Stage 6 Company:

  1. Without fail, establish a two-to-three day new staff orientation.
  2.  Generate a three-year living business plan which addresses strategic, operational and people considerations with detailed budgets for each department and revenue group.
  3. Implement an annual organizational health survey and a establish two company-wide unifying events every year.
  4. Push financial reporting to another level throughout the company.
  5.  Be certain managers have regular one-on-one meeting with each employee.

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What CEOs of Stage 7 Companies with 161-500 employees must know including the Five Challenges and Non-Negotiable Leadership Rules of the Road

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