The Twelve Components of Profit Design (1-3)

The Profit Design James Fischer, author of Navigating The Growth Curve and creator of The 7 Stages of Entrepreneurial Growth process said, “A company is never too small to organize their thinking and planning around revenue groups. I consider these 12 factors so critical that I refer to them in a phrase I borrowed from […]

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The Fifth of Nine Fundamentals of Effectively Navigating the Stages of Growth

The Challenges of Growth James Fischer, author of Navigating the Growth Curve, discovered unique challenges in each of the seven distinct stages of entrepreneurial growth based on number of employees illustrated in the chart below. Fischer found that complexity of navigating the stages of growth caused by the addition of people presents the most significant […]

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Fifth in the Series of Timeless Lessons From The Effective Executive In Action

Practice (Skill) Number Three: Making Strength Productive (Part 1) Originally broadcast December 8, 2016 In this series I will review the five practices or skills From The Effective Executive In Action To make strength productive is the unique purpose of the organization. The effective executive makes strength productive. He knows that one cannot build on […]