Tips for Transformation

Growth Mapping: Cracking the Code

The Importance of Mapping “The enlightening and revelatory characteristic of a good map derives from its encompassing vision contained within a single consistent pictorial model. We obtain a vision of a place that we may never have seen, or divine a previously unseen pattern in things we thought we intimately knew.” — William Owen & […]

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What Strategic Alignment Means and Why It Matters

The Four Dominant Patterns Among Organizations That Have Successfully Built a High- Development Culture In their book, It’s the Manager, Jim Clifton and Jim Harter, reported that Gallup found the four dominant patterns among organizations that successfully built a high-development culture: 1. High-Development Cultures are CEO and Board Initiated. Strategic Alignment sounds good to almost […]

The Three Components of Staff Satisfaction

The Staff Satisfaction Imperative “Many, if not most, organizations either lack an explicit human resource philosophy or ignore the one they espouse. Yet, success often hinges on a thoughtful, explicit strategy for managing people.” — Lee Bolman, Terrance Deal, Reframing Organizations. “We all have to make money to stay in business, but companies are just […]

The Profit Sequences Around the Profit Zone

The Profit Sequences Around the Profit Zone The Profit Zone is a relentless, precise and intense staff mindset to make and keep money for the enterprise that has nine activities that must be maintained and continuously improved. The Profit Sequences are the three-step combinations that result in profitability. Any activity an employee or staff member […]