Tips for Transformation

Do You Know Your Most and Least Effective Leadership Styles?

Do You Know Your Primary Leadership Style and Which of the Stages of Growth it is Likely to be Most and Least Effective? In his book, Primal Leadership, Daniel Goleman identified six distinct leadership styles. It is important to realize that all six styles can be effective. However, it’s just a matter of understanding how and […]

Welcome to 2019: An Authoritative Message About the Next Decade

  The following is an excerpt from futurist, David Houle’s January 1, 2019 Blog post in which he said, “All aspects of life will continue to change in an accelerated way. The speed of technological change today is the slowest it will be for the rest of our lifetimes. The last year of the Transformation […]

How to address the need to get better Staff Buy-In

Do You Know How to address the need to get better Staff Buy-In? The following chart illustrates the discoveries from James Fischer’s book, Navigating the Growth Curve. Fischer identified The 27 Challenges companies face as they navigate each of the 7 stages of growth from 1 to 500 employees: The Need to get better Staff […]

Addressing The Challenge of Leadership/Staff Communication Disconnect

Do You Know How to Resolve The Challenge of Leadership/Staff Communication Disconnect? Successful companies make sure they focus on the right things at the right time. Taking stock of the challenges every six months for their specific stage of growth provided to be a key factor in companies staying alert to the changing environment around […]