Tips for Transformation

Is Lack of Accountability One of Your Primary Challenges

Have You Ever Wondered What It Takes to Get Employees to Be More Accountable? It seems that the accountability issue is a concern for anyone who manages people on any level, and it doesn’t matter the size of the company. Lack of accountability can show up in a Stage 1 company with only 2 employees […]

When Will Inadequate Profits Become a Major Challenge

At What Stages of Growth Will Inadequate Profits to Grow Your Enterprise Become a Major Challenge Increasing profits and reducing costs are the two critical business activities CEOs must focus on in order to created a sustainable business model Simplistically, profit is defined as the act of bringing in more money than you spend. What’s left […]

What CEOs of a Stage 4 Company With 35 -57 Employees Must Focus On

Do You Have a Vision to Grow and Prosper Beyond the Start-Up, Ramp Up Stages of Growth? Stage 4 is all about internal focus, internal processes and finding professional managers who know how to get work done through people and processes. Do you know the reason employee turnover is one of the challenges in Stage […]

Reasons to Name Business Growth Issues

Do You Have a Language to Speak About the Issues and Challenges That Need to be Addressed? The ability for the CEO to get clear about the right things at the right time as the company grows is what separates high performing companies from those that are mediocre. The companies that grow and prosper are […]