Tips for Transformation

Talent Management: Assuring an Ideal Job-Talent Fit

Step Four of the Nine-step Profit Accelerator Roadmap  After addressing the three steps in Stage One: Mastering Your Inner Game, focus on Stage Two of the Profit Accelerator Roadmap: Mastering Your Outer Game. This stage can take your enterprise from under-performing employees to a team of fully engaged top talent. Mastering Your Outer Game begins […]

Do You Know How to be Assured of Consistent, Measurable Results?

The Mastering Your Inner Game: The First of Three Stages of the Journey Step One: Identifying Your Time Use Practices The late Peter Drucker, author of 39 books and considered the greatest management thinker ever, influenced the thinking of leaders of every type of enterprise. He had this to say about managing time: This first […]


The Six Critical Questions You and Your Team Must Agree On

Wishing You a Prosperous New Year In my last message (12/31) I mentioned that sharpening your focus on your vision at this time of the year can be the most important step you can take to make 2020 your best year ever. It is also important that you and your team have clarity and alignment of […]

Layers of Ability

The Essential Skills Required to Optimize Your Executive Effectiveness

Step Three of the Nine-step Profit Accelerator Roadmap Mastering Your Inner Game is the focus of the first three steps of The Profit Accelerator Roadmap. This third step can transform you from Ineffective to Impactful by Mastering The Core Competencies of People Skills and Personal Strengths. Of all of the abilities illustrated in the model […]