Are you like 92% of CEOs surveyed who want Fully Engaged Top Talent?

CEO Survey Finds 92% Wanted a Talent Management Strategy. How about you?

A very recent survey of CEOs found 92% of them wanted help with talent strategy, primarily around leadership development, employee performance, pre-hire selection, employee engagement, and succession planning.

Steps 4, 5, 6, and 7 of the Growth Accelerator Roadmap Addresses Those Issues.

Let’s Take A Closer Look. . . .

Step 4. Talent Management

Assuring An Ideal Job-Talent Fit
In this step, you will begin the implementation of the Total Talent Management System that includes creating a benchmark of key positions to determine the talent requirements for superior performance and how to optimize the capacity to become fully engaged top talent.

Step 5. Team Effectiveness

Transforming Dysfunctional Groups into Cohesive, Results-Focused Teams
In this step, you will implement the Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team process based on Patrick Lencioni’s best-selling book, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team which includes an assessment of the team’s effectiveness in each of the five behaviors.

Step 6. Managing Complexity: Effectively Navigating Your Growth Curve

Transforming From Frustration To Fulfillment
In this step, you will identify the challenges and solutions to growth trauma and complexity, and implement a proven plan so you can accelerate progress to sustainable, profitable growth without overwhelm and burnout.

Step 7. Leadership Effectiveness

Transforming Vision Into Reality
In this step, you will implement a unique learning process to develop the three Work of Leaders Skills to effectively . . .

  • Craft a Vision,
  • Assure Alignment,
  • Champion Execution,

including an assessment of 18, research-based, best-practices to optimize leadership effectiveness.


How would you answer the CEO survey?
What is your priority of each of the following four initiatives:

  1. A Talent Management Strategy to improve retention, engagement, and performance
  2. A Team Development Process to build higher performing,  results-focused, cohesive teams
  3. A Proven Process to Manage the Complexities of Growth, identify solutions to the challenges unique to your stage of growth.
  4. A Research-based Leadership Development Process that assures your teams are focused on the execution of your strategy every day.

These four strategic steps can accomplish the single most requested behavior change for leaders — “be more active about finding new opportunities and executing the strategy to achieve them.”

what can be accomplished with Teams of Fully Engaged Top Talent that have Highly Skilled Leaders guiding them to intentionally execute the elements of a Proven Plan.

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