Aligning Your Workplace Motivators Will Improve Your Executive Effectiveness

Aligning Your Workplace Motivators Will Improve Your Executive Effectiveness

Many busy executives are on the edge of overwhelm and burnout because their motivational drivers are out of alignment with their role. In his Harvard Business Review Article, “Mastering Oneself,” Peter Drucker, the greatest management thinker ever said, “Success in the knowledge economy comes to those who know themselves – their strengths, their values, and how they best operate.”

I believe Drucker was talking about the importance of Mastering Your Inner Game, which is the first stage of the three-stage Profit Accelerator Roadmap. My last message covered Step One, Managing our Time. This message, Step Two is about understanding Workplace Behaviors and Motivators.

In this step of the nine-step Roadmap the focus is on raising awareness of your unique behavioral style and aligning your values and motivators to the realities of your job. The results can transform you from Confusion to Confidence. This means you can get more of the right things done in less time so you can accelerate your progress to time and financial freedom without overwhelm and burnout.

To accomplish this, we will measure your preferred behavioral style, and your motivational style and drivers. In combination, you will understand HOW you prefer to get things done, and WHY you’re motivated to do them. This level of self-awareness and discovery are the core to achieving peak performance in any role or endeavor and ensure that you properly align what you do best with how you do it and why.

Most of your daily activities are focused on the external world—your outer game (which also has three steps which I will address later). The reality is that business results require Mastery of Your Outer Game. However, only by mastering your inner game will you have the capacity to achieve outer game results at an accelerated rate without burn-out.

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