How to address the need to get better Staff Buy-In

Do You Know How to address the need to get better Staff Buy-In?

The following chart illustrates the discoveries from James Fischer’s book, Navigating the Growth Curve. Fischer identified The 27 Challenges companies face as they navigate each of the 7 stages of growth from 1 to 500 employees:

The Need to get better Staff Buy-In is one of the Top Challenges for Stage Three (with 20 to 34 employees) and may appear again at Stage Five (96 – 160 employees).

By the time a company has grown to over 20 employees, the dynamics have changed dramatically. The company has to shift to enterprise-centric, allowing processes to take the place of figuring things out as they go. People must have clear roles and responsibilities so they understand the value they bring to the company.

It can be extremely challenging for a business leader who has been in total control of every decision, has been the go-to person for almost everything, to suddenly have to start delegating and letting go of some of that control.

The primary job of the CEO now becomes one of managing the people and setting a clear picture of the future. A study by Bain and Company determined organizations that have clearly defined vision and mission statements that are aligned with a strategic plan outperform those that do not.

Reasons this challenge must be resolved.

Here are some of the ways a leadership/staff gap can impact an organization:

1. Productivity slows down because people tend to trip over each other unless roles and responsibilities are clear.

2. Customer complaints increase because of lack of follow through.

3. More experienced, newly hired staff may be viewed with suspicion by those who have been with the company longer because they were hired for job fit and may be focused on results the results they were hired to achieve.

How to Overcome the Challenge

1 Begin by revisiting your vision, mission and core values. If they are not clearly define, or if they no longer resonate with the organization, revise them.

2. Establish time to meet individually with each employee and find out what makes him/her tick. Ask the following questions:

  • What do they like about working for the company?
  • How do they feel about they work they are doing?
  • What changes would they make to keep the company the kind of company they want to work for?

Getting these answers from the people you believe can help you build a successful enterprise can assure their buy-in to the goals and strategies you put in place.

Remember, the challenges that are not addressed in a particular stage of growth won’t go away. They will be there at the next stages which may be more challenging because to the increased complexity and the new challenges that occur at that particular stage.

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