A Closer Look At the Growth Accelerator Roadmap

The Roadmap illustrated below will be of particular interest to owners and CEOs of small businesses from start-up to 500 employees who want to get on a proven path to take them from Frustration to Fulfillment in six months or less without overwhelm and burnout.

However, the first three steps, Mastering Your Inner Game, can accelerate anyone’s progress regardless of their outer game. We must first master our inner game so we can optimize our capacity to achieve extraordinary results (our outer game). It all begins by reclaiming your personal life (Step One).

Also, note that the final step of Consistently Winning Your Game is really the “End Game.” All entrepreneurs typically start a business with a growth mindset so they can one day exit and realize Maximum Business Value.

The Three Steps of Stage Two, Refining Your Outer Game, will be of particular interest to CEOs, Talent Development Professionals and Training Directors who want “Do it yourself” or “Done for you” Resources so they can . . .

4. Assure an Ideal Job-Talent Fit,
5. Build Cohesive, Higher Performing Teams,
6. Optimize Team Leadership Effectiveness
Beginning next week, I will begin a series that will take a closer look at the following three steps that focus on implementing the systems that can accelerate the growth and value of any enterprise:

7. Transform their Marketing Strategies,
8. More Effectively Navigate the Complexities of Business Growth,
9. Refine the Drivers of Business Value

Get the Your Copy of the Roadmap

You can get a free copy of the roadmap at www.effectiveness.com along with further insights into each of the Three Stages or Phases of the roadmap.

In future issues, you will gain more insight into each of the nine steps mentioned above. You will also be able to select those steps that interest you the most and opt out of those that do not.

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