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Are You a Business Owner or Executive Who Wants to
Accelerate Your Progress to Sustainable Growth?

Are You Concerned About Effectively Navigating the Stages of Growth and
How to Prevent Stagnation or Failure of Your Enterprise?

Here Are the Five Keys to Effectively Navigating the Stages of Growth

1) Complexity is about employees, not revenue.

“Money and processes are easy to manage compared to the dynamic impact of adding more people to the organization.  People-related  challenges become the number one focus at different stages of growth.
Delegation skills are critical at early stages while later the focus shifts to employee engagement and creating buy-in to the vision.

2) Each stage of Growth has five overriding challenges.

Understanding the different challenges at each of the Seven Stages will help you to prioritize and focus your activities.
The Executive team must  deal proactively with the challenges of each stage as the company grows.
Otherwise, they just add up—they don’t go away.

3) Know what “Chaos Zone” is approaching and prepare.

A  Google Map app can warn you about the significant curves that are approaching in unfamiliar territory.  The Stages of Growth model will also tell you when you’re facing a significant transition period that will require increased attention. These “chaos zones” are aptly named Flood Zones and Wind Tunnels which must be managed proactively or they will derail you enterprise.

4) Different Leadership “rules” exist for each Stage of Growth.

Growth isn’t just about dealing with challenges and knowing when to change your focus. Leadership styles, for both the CEO and the management team also need to change as a business grows in number of employees and complexity.  What’s appropriate for a “ramp up” CEO who needs to be a coach – won’t fly later as a company passes the 160 employee mark when a more visionary approach is required.

5) Regularly Assess  Your Management Team’s perspective

Research concludes that most businesses fail or stagnate because the executive team is working on the wrong priorities. Consider starting with a mini-assessment.  Then, move on to a complete strategic growth stage x-ray.

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