Is Poor Communication Damaging Your Leadership Effectiveness?

effective communicationCommunication is the key to building strong, productive relationships—both, personally and professionally. Struggling with the same issues over and over may be a symptom of a greater communication breakdown. Poor communication is often the root cause of one or more of the following five issues:


1. Low levels of productivity

It’s nearly impossible to fulfill job responsibilities without effectively communicating what they are.

2. Increased need for discipline

When additional discipline and correction is required, it’s highly possible that poor communication is the underlying cause.

3. Resistance to change

It is natural to resist unless there is a well-thought-out communication strategy for implementing change.

4. Missed project deadlines

Whenever project targets are consistently behind schedule, the effectiveness of up-front and follow up messages may be the underlying cause.

5. Unacceptable turnover rates

Talented employees will become frustrated and disengaged, which can lead to poor retention unless there is a culture of open communication.

How many of these problems do you recognize? Ask team leaders and project managers the following three questions to confirm the need to improve communication effectiveness:

1. Do team members struggle to complete assignments on time?

2. Are you frequently interrupted by lots of questions and need for clarification?

3. Are you experiencing an excessive amount of misunderstandings?


Yes to any of these questions could indicate that everyone will benefit from a communications improvement program that includes the following elements:

1. Creating a culture of open communication.

2. Communicating clearly and concisely.

3. Recognizing, understanding and managing non-verbal communication.

4. Active listening.

5. Providing feedback and coaching

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