The First 3 Fundamentals Required to Build a Profit-Driven, People-Centered, Growth-Smart Company


There are 3 Fundamentals associated with each of the growth curve solution themes:
1. profit-driven,
2. people-centered,
3. growth-smart company.


According to James Fischer, author of Navigating the Growth Curve, the growth curve is the fine line that a company navigates between chaos and equilibrium in any stage of growth. It is the path of balance that arcs through every stage of growth for 1 employee up to 350 to 500 and beyond. The next three issues of Tips for Transformation will present the three fundamentals in each of the three growth curve solution themes: profit-driven, people-centered, growth-smart company the CEO must address.

The Profit-Driven Theme

1. Profit — The New Profit Model provides a powerful new perspective on the sustainability and advancement of enterprise profit as it is . . .

a) critically tied to the design of the business,

b) dependent on the Profit Net or profit competency of the entire staff, and,

c) reliant on the continued loyalty of the customer base.

This typically requires a “New Perspective On Profitability.”

2. Mapping — Provides a dynamic new method of communicating, tracking and enterprise planning that is accessible by the entire organization.

Mapping facilitates “bottom-up” engagement, strategic authoring and buy-in by the entire staff. A “Dynamic New Method of Planning” is typically required.

3. Mechanisms — Reveals the important role of key infrastructure mechanisms that facilitate the application of The Growth Curve Solution in a business enterprise at any stage of growth.

To be able to “Facilitate Growth Stage Solutions at Every Stage of Growth” will require an understanding of where your enterprise is on the Growth Curve and the implications and challenges that go with it.

Future issues of Tips For Transformation will focus on one of the nine fundamentals required to Build a Profit-Driven, People-Centered, Growth-Smart Company.

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About James Fischer

James Fischer, author of Navigating the Growth Curve: 9 Fundamentals that Build a Profit-Driven, People-Centered, Growth-Smart Company has a three-word mantra: Predict, Adapt and Focus. Fischer’s challenge to business leaders is to predict how the complexity of their company will affect them, focus their efforts and resources on the right things at the right time, and adapt to the needs of the company in its particular stage of growth (based on number of employees). His research and development of the 7 Stages of Enterprise Growth is a proven model for predicting how growth will impact small firms with up to 500 employees.

About Bob Moore, CMC

Bob established Effectiveness, Inc in 1975 with a mission to enhance professional and organizational effectiveness through continuous improvement, renewal and lifelong learn. Bob was a student of the late Peter Drucker and has followed his timeless principles from his best-selling book, The Effective Executive (1967) and many of his 38 other books. Over the last four decades resources were added based on best-practices gleaned from Tom Peters, John Naisbitt, Warren Bennis, Jim Collins, Daniel Pink, Stephen Covey, Seth Godin, Jay Abraham, Marshall Goldsmith, Clay Christensen, Peter Diamandis, James Fischer, and other acknowledged thought leaders. Bob is a Certified Management Consultant and Growth Curve Strategist.

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