Developing Oneself From Success to Significance

What Would Peter Drucker Say About Success to Significance?
A Frequently Asked Question from Ask Bob, The Effectiveness Coach®
This past year we have explored the book, A Year with Peter Drucker which is devoted to helping you become a more effective leader of your organization.
wisdomWe saw that one of Drucker’s most powerful ideas is the opportunity—which more and more people have in the knowledge society—to bring social and economic change by imposing “upon the yet unborn future a new idea” that tries to give shape to something new and useful. The success to significance movement is one of these new ideas (page 411).
Moving from success to significance involves managing ourselves just as we must do as knowledge workers. The better we manage ourselves as knowledge workers, the greater the likelihood that we will effectively make the transition to significance.

“Managing Oneself is a revolution in human affairs. It requires new and unprecedented things from the individual, and especially from the knowledge worker. For in effect it demands that each knowledge worker think and behave as a Chief Executive Officer.” (page 338).

Bob’s Comment:
A key point from Drucker’s best-selling book, The Effective Executive (1966) is still relevant today, if not more so. An effective executive will . . .
1) Know where their time goes. Time is the most valuable resource and is inelastic. You must continually ask yourself, “What has priority? What is better left undone? What can be outsourced?”
2) Focus on results (not effort) by asking, “What do I do that justifies my being on the payroll?”
3) Staff to people’s strength (not the absence of weakness). Begin by asking, “What is the purpose of the job to which they are assigned? What are their strengths and how can I optimize that capacity?”

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