The Cause of Half of Employee Turn-Over

Did You Know Employees Leave Bad Managers,
Not Bad Companies?


You may have heard the adage, “People leave bosses, not companies.” Now research has proven that it actually happens. A study by Gallup Research reveals that 50% of employees resign from jobs to get away from their bosses. How startling is that?

That clearly means when an employee hands in their resignation, there’s a 50% chance it’s because of the manager. In fact, Gallup CEO Jim Clifton wrote succinctly, “Here’s something they’ll probably never teach you in business school. The single biggest decision you make in your job—bigger than all the rest—is who you name manager. When you name the wrong person manager, nothing fixes that bad decision. Not compensation, not benefits—nothing.” This clearly explains how important a manager’s role is, and why it’s challenging.

A recent Towers Watson study found a world-wide employee disengagement epidemic with only 30% of workers engaged. Disengaged employees withhold the effort and energy which is essential for peak performance required to win over the competition.

If you are a manager, be sure that you don’t become the reason employees leave the company. If you are the CEO, become more selective in hiring or promoting managers. Also, implement a management development process for all team leaders and project managers

Developing Coach-Based Managers

It is essential for managers to assess their approach to directing, delegating, and developing team members, and be aware of the environment they create. A great first step toward turning the tide toward fully engaged teams of top talent is for managers to adapt their approach and how they interact with other’s style and preferences,

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