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Leadership Rules CEOs of a Stage Seven Company Must Focus On

The Five Non-negotiable Leadership Rules CEOs of a
Stage Seven C
ompany Must Focus On Visionary: Stage 7 with 161 to 500 Employees Disequilibrium and chaos: Friend or Foe? This is the last stage in the stages of growth model and it’s called Visionary for a very specific reason. The leader of a … Read More

The Five Non-negotiable Leadership Rules For CEOs of Stage Six–96 to 160 Employees

CEOs of Stage Six Need To Listen and Focus on Becoming More Strategic

Stage 6, with 96 to 160 employees requires a longer, more strategic focus for the leader and a laser-like focus on the ability to connect to all employees. Remember the buggy whip? Some would say the buggy whip business didn’t last … Read More

How to take the guesswork out of growing your small business

Do You Know How to Take the Guesswork Out of
Growing Your Business From Start-Up Through Ramp Up and Beyond?

The Honeymoon is Over. You have your startup capital, you ramped up to 4 – 6 employees pretty quickly and now the fun begins. Getting out of the gate with a new company isn’t … Read More

Non-negotiable Leadership Rules of Stage Five Companies

Stage 5: Integration: Collaboration and Planning With Purpose
Is The Key To Success According to a Harvard Business Review article (January 2006), strategic planning is not all it’s cracked up to be. Strategic planning sometimes only serves as a mechanism to ratify decisions that were made months before. Planning is a critical aspect of … Read More

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