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The Five Critical Challenges You Must Focus On In Stage 2 — Ramp Up

Do You Know The Five Critical Challenges
You Must Focus On In Stage 2 — Ramp Up?

You aren’t sure when it happened. But without really being aware of it, you just crossed over into the second stage of growth with 11 to 19 employees. You may have noticed things were getting more difficult … Read More

How to take the guesswork out of growing your business

Do You Know How to Take the Guesswork Out of Growing
Your Business From Start-Up Through Ramp Up?

The honeymoon is over. You have your startup capital,
you ramped up to 4 – 6 employees pretty quickly and now the fun begins. Getting out of the gate with a new company isn’t easy but … Read More

The Two Transition Zones in a Growing Organization

The Two Types of Transition Zones Between Each of . . .  These chaotic, transition zones are evident also in nature, to which many of the concepts of the 7 Stages of Growth are compared. Nature tells us a lot about change, and the necessity of that change is the same in organizations as … Read More

The Importance of the Confidence, Caution Ratio

An Atmosphere of Confidence is Required to be
Successful At All 7 Stages of Entrepreneurial Growth

In his book, Navigating the Growth Curve, James Fischer introduces a unique phenomenon that indicated there is a blend of confidence and caution in every company. To be successful, a CEOs must understand this critical ratio. They … Read More

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