Second In a Series Of CEO Leadership Issues That Apply to All Stages of Entrepreneurial Growth

Originally Published March 15, 2018.

Do You Know What Styles and Competencies Are Most Relevant to Your Stage of Entrepreneurial Growth?

Leadership Styles and Competencies

The following information about EQ is from the book “Primal Leadership: Learning to Lead with Emotional Intelligence”, by Daniel Goleman, Richard Boyatzis and Annie McKee. The hardcore statistics challenge every leader to recognize how emotional intelligence has become the Rosetta stone for successful businesses today.

Why Emotional Intelligence (EQ/EI)?

  • In a world where employee loyalty and levels of engagement are at an all-time low, the ability of a leader to connect and engage employees to help each employee understand the value they bring to a business is an economic reality not just a human resources reality.

Since Emotional Intelligence has become an essential core competency, particularly for leadership positions, EQ must be an element of continuous leadership and professional development.

The Two Categories and the Four Dimensions of Emotional Intelligence: Personal Competence – These Two Dimensions Determine How We Handle Ourselves

1.Self-awareness – understanding one’s emotions and being clear about one’s purpose

  • Emotional self-awareness: Reading one’s emotions and recognizing their impact
  • Accurate self-assessment: Knowing one’s strengths and limits
  • Self-confidence: A sound sense of one’s self-worth and capabilities

2.Self-management/regulation – the focused drive that all leaders need to achieve their goals

  • Emotional self-control: Keeping disruptive emotions and impulses under control
  • Transparency: Displaying honesty and integrity; trustworthiness
  • Adaptability: Flexibility in adapting to changing situations or overcoming obstacles
  • Achievement: The drive to improve performance to meet inner standards of excellence
  • Initiative: Readiness to act and seize opportunities
  • Optimism: Seeing the upside in events

Social Competence – These Two Dimensions Determine How We Manage Relationships

  1. Social awareness – empathy, being attuned to how others feel at the moment
  • Empathy: Sensing others’ emotions, understanding their perspective, and taking active interest in their concerns
  • Organizational awareness: Reading the currents, decision networks, and politics at the organizational level
  • Service: Recognizing and meeting follower, client, or customer needs
  1. Relationship management – handling other people’s emotions
  • Inspirational leadership: Guiding and motivating with a compelling vision
  • Influence: Wielding a range of tactics for persuasion
  • Developing others: Bolstering others’ abilities through feedback and guidance
  • Change catalyst: Initiating, managing, and leading in a new direction
  • Conflict management: Resolving disagreements
  • Teamwork & Collaboration: Cooperation and team building

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